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An Association of Doddridge Investigations and Worldwide Investigations

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Providing Services for Clients in Utah, California, and Around the World 



Litigation Consultants provides services to Attorneys and the general public.

Those services consist of:

Investigation of Civil & Criminal Matters & Cases.

Investigation of Domestic & Corporate Matters.

Providing Expert Witnesses for Litigation of Criminal and Civil Cases.

Providing Legal Analysis of Evidence and Case Facts.

Assisting in the Development and Formulation of Case Strategies.

Interviewing Witnesses and Documenting Case Evidence.

Preparation of Pretrial Documentation.

Service of Subpoenas and Court Documents.





Expert Witnesses

Law Enforcement Overreach

Investigative Services

Legal Case Analysis

Subpoena Service

In addition to providing general investigative services, special services are oriented to the needs of Attorneys for the Plaintiff/s in Civil Cases and Attorneys for the Defendant/s in Criminal Cases.  

Litigation Consultants will provide the necessary investigative support for the case development involving law enforcement overreach, canine/drug search & seizure violations, civil and constitutional rights violations, civil & corporate disputes, corporate security matters, domestic partnership disputes, and other legal issues.

Company Profile

Litigation Consultants are associated licensed private investigative companies staffed by experienced licensed private investigators, qualified experts, and experienced legal professionals.
Investigation activities are provided by Doddridge Investigations, a Utah licensed Agency and Worldwide Investigations, a California licensed Agency.

Services have been provided to many attorneys throughout Utah and California and around the world.  References can be provided upon request.



Contact Information

Litigation Consultants has associates in California and Utah.

In California services are provided in:

Los Angeles County

Orange County

Riverside County

San Bernardino County

In Utah services are provided in:

Southern Utah

Salt Lake Valley

And all other areas of the state


California - Worldwide Investigations & Diplomatic Protection Services - Cindy Sommer
California License #PI-25685


Utah - Doddridge Investigations - Dave Doddridge

Utah License #G-101423


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