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Litigation Consultants provides services to Attorneys and the general public.

Those services consist of:

Investigation of Civil & Criminal Matters & Cases.

Investigation of Domestic & Corporate Matters.

Providing Expert Witnesses for Litigation of Criminal and Civil Cases.

Providing Legal Analysis of Evidence and Case Facts.

Assisting in the Development and Formulation of Case Strategies.

Interviewing Witnesses and Documenting Case Evidence.

Preparation of Pretrial Documentation.

Service of Subpoenas and Court Documents.





Expert Witnesses

Law Enforcement Overreach

Investigative Services

Legal Case Analysis

Subpoena Service

Investigative Services

All investigative services provided in connection with any case work and where required to be licensed is performed by staff licensed in both the State of Utah and the State of California.


Key Benefits

Investigators have law enforcement backgrounds and experience.

Extensive case experience from criminal homicide to civil corporate and security matters.

Experienced staff in regular surveillance and electronic surveillance techniques.



Investigators can work cases in the State of Utah, the State of California, and cases on a case-by-case basis in other jurisdictions . Services are available to the general public, to defense attorneys in criminal cases, and to attorneys for both plaintiffs/petitioners and defendants/respondents in civil cases.



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