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Litigation Consultants provides services to Attorneys and the general public.

Those services consist of:

Investigation of Civil & Criminal Matters & Cases.

Investigation of Domestic & Corporate Matters.

Providing Expert Witnesses for Litigation of Criminal and Civil Cases.

Providing Legal Analysis of Evidence and Case Facts.

Assisting in the Development and Formulation of Case Strategies.

Interviewing Witnesses and Documenting Case Evidence.

Preparation of Pretrial Documentation.

Service of Subpoenas and Court Documents.





Expert Witnesses

Law Enforcement Overreach

Investigative Services

Legal Case Analysis

Subpoena Service

Legal Case Analysis

Staff professionals can analyze and help determine legal points from the evidence in a case.  In conjunction with collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses our staff can reduce case preparation time for the attorneys through our analysis of the points of law.  We can summarize legal positions, applicable statutes, identify key actions and actors, and evaluate the merits of a case for quicker evaluation by the attorney.


Key Benefits

Less time spent by the attorney in building preliminary case foundations.

Experienced staff and legal professionals on call and retainer.

Increases attorney's ability to handle cases and case loads.

Can buffer case over-loads through retainers of our services.



Our staff includes experienced law enforcement professionals, experienced legal professionals, and on-contract attorneys.  We can provide services nationwide but specialize in Utah and surrounding states.  Our specialty case experience is in law enforcement overreach (abuse of authority and violations of law under the color of authority) cases and canine drug interdiction cases.  We also have excellent case experience in criminal and civil cases involving defendants and plaintiffs in all areas of law.


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